5 Best Document Automation tools in 2023

5 Best Document Automation tools in 2023

In 2023, document automation will be a must-do process in every organization.

As generating documents and using them collaboratively from a particular source of truth is 

an essential aspect of their day-to-day operations, businesses will embrace document automation in the coming year to enhance productivity.

Salesforce comprehends this trend and patronizes various document automation tools to help businesses automate their document generation process and drive productivity at scale.

Some of the top Salesforce document automation tools you can rely on in 2023 are listed below. Check them out!

Salesforce document generation tool

Optimize Your document automation with these 5 best tools from Salesforce AppExchange


S docs is a native document generation application that is quite popular on Appexchange.

Built natively on Salesforce, S docs help you create and distribute data within Salesforce. This app ensures easy creating, storing, signing, and sharing of docs in a secured architecture that requires no external APIs. 

With a drag-and-drop UI that facilitates zero-click automation with document storage integration, S-docs is used widely for promoting document automation.

Docs Made Easy

Docs Made Easy is another popular document generation tool on Appexchange that is known for its UI simplicity, ease of use, and immediacy. With this tool, you can create mission-critical documents like Proposals, contracts, invoices, etc., by pulling data directly from Salesforce or any other third-party source in real-time.

The merge and preview functionality and pre-built templates enable the generation of error-free documents in richly formatted templates. With its powerful automation feature, you can easily automate your entire document generation process.


Yet another talked about app in Salesforce Document generation, Docomotion, makes document automation a possibility with its Visual Editor-enabled template designing. 

Docomotion enables the conversion of your documents to your preferred format and updates your customer data in Salesforce as per your need. 


Conga is a popular name for document generation and allows businesses to leverage the pre-built templates to create agreements, legal contracts, and sales proposals with better execution.

With Conga Composer, you can automate your manual document generation tasks on a secured real-time platform. E-Signature integration and document circulation are also some of the cool features of this app.


A market leader in process and workflow automation, Nintex is a good choice for implementing document automation in your business.

The no-code solution for document automation enables the creation and automation of digital documents easily, without any fuss.

Wrap Up

Summing up, those were the best document automation tools you can leverage to deploy document automation in your organization in 2023. 

While most of them are paid apps, Docs Made Easy is a free one. Check out the app on Salesforce AppExchange and click here to book a meeting with the experts to start your document automation today!

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