Go Green, Go Paperless with Salesforce Document Generation App Docs Made Easy

Go Green, Go Paperless with Salesforce Document Generation App Docs Made Easy

Did you know nearly 1 billion trees of paper are thrown away every year in the US? Also, Americans use 85,000,000 tons of paper every year. No doubt, recycling paper is a good practice and can save the mother earth. However, wouldn’t it be great if we do not even harm the environment in the first place? What if we get a solution that eliminates the paperwork to the core? 

Today, we have a solution that will not only save our environment but would make your document generation process easier!

Some Paper Stats That You Should Know

  1. Americans and Europeans use more than 200KG of paper each year. 
  2. Only 7% of office paper waste is recyclable. 
  3. Only half the amount of paper is recyclable.
  4. Paper wastage accounts for 16% of landfill solid waste.
  5. Paper accounts for the biggest cause of pollution. 

(Source: Eco-Friendly Habits)

Salesforce document generation tool

Why Document Generation App for Your Business?

Automating your Salesforce Document Generation process is essential to save a lot of your time and boost your teams’ productivity. Learn why you should automate your Salesforce Document Generation app today! 

Quick & Efficient Digital Documents: A Salesforce document generation app like Docs Made Easy allows you to create effective digital documents quickly and easily. Also, you can create documents from the pre-built document templates or create your very own templates.

Multiple Documents in less time: Save your teams’ time and boost productivity by creating multiple documents in less time in the formats that you want. 

Consistency & Uniformity: With the help of a document generation tool, you can create documents that reflect your brand’s values at all levels. Furthermore, you can maintain consistency and grow your business with the help of beautiful digital documents.

Less Cost: Handling thousands of paper manually can cost you a hefty amount of money. You need to train your employees to manage and work with those documents. However, Docs Made Easy allows you to create documents easily so that your sales team can focus more on the business objectives than the documents. 

Eliminate Manual Errors: Digital documents created on Docs Made Easy precisely guarantee you zero errors. Humans tend to make mistakes, but that can harm your brand image in front of your customers. So, you can create documents that are free from errors by automating your Salesforce document generation process!

Summing it up

Now you know how a Salesforce document generation app can help you save the environment and boost productivity. We hope that you liked this interesting article. Also, if you are looking forward to getting your hands on the most amazing Salesforce document generation tool, Docs Made Easy, click here. We will be back with another article soon. Stay tuned!

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