How Salesforce document generation supercharges these five business processes in 2022

How Salesforce document generation supercharges these five business processes in 2022

It is commonly perceived that Salesforce document generation tools are mainly used for quotes and contracts.

Though most of the use cases of these apps account for contracts, quotes, and invoices, these tools have so much to offer for other business processes also.

As one of the most widely popular Document generation tool providers, we have seen hundreds of companies benefitting in multiple ways, by incorporating Salesforce document generation into their various business processes.

In this blog today, we will share some compelling use of document generation in the five essential business processes. So, let’s get going!

Salesforce document generation tool

Sales Processes

Salesforce document generation tools can help the Sales team accelerate their Sales processes. (Read our blog on how Salesforce generation tools help accelerate Sales processes). 

By using document generation tools, the sales team can shorten their sales cycle by creating sales proposals faster. As a result, they can not only send compelling proposals quickly but can also save time by automating their document generation process.

Marketing Processes

The marketing team can achieve a lot with document generation tools. They can create customized and eye-catching emails and invitations faster to fulfill their marketing efforts. 

They can improve the attendee numbers of any event by creating customized invitations, uploading the invitations Pdf into Salesforce, and then tagging them into fields such as name and company and start generating mass emails to all contacts.

HR department

The Human Resource department can utilize the benefit of document generation to maintain their timesheets.

Through Document Automation, spreadsheets or excel sheets that contains a timeline of the employees can be routed to the concerned department for approval.

The HR team can view the approval timesheet submitted at the payroll.

Compliance department

The Compliance team needs to do a lot of paperwork. The document generation tool really comes in handy for this work process.

They can create their Audit report faster simply by choosing the template in Salesforce and selecting the applicable policies. The document generation software will then auto-generate audit reports instantly, saving loads of their manual work and time.

Customer Relations teams

The Customer Relations team can deliver a great customer experience by providing information faster. They can generate custom documents, reports, and emails to be sent to the customer faster by using the document generation software.

Wrap Up

So, we see that the document generation app helps all the major processes in a company by saving time, increasing productivity, and boosting customer loyalty.

If you are also looking to leverage the benefits of Salesforce document generation software into your business processes, try out the Docs Made Easy app. Visit Salesforce AppExchange and install it today!

About the Author

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An outcome-oriented technology leader with a global outlook, Piyush has over 8 years of experience in Project Execution, SDLC Planning, Salesforce, CRM, Salesforce Mobile, and Piyush, a seasoned Salesforce professional started HIC Global Solutions in 2015 after filling senior development positions at front-running company names in the Salesforce development industry. He looks forward to challenging Salesforce development tasks, delivering novel apps for AppExchange listings, and forging global partnerships through working with passionate people.

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