How’s Salesforce Document Generation Helping These Five Industries in 2022

How’s Salesforce Document Generation Helping These Five Industries in 2022

More than 100,000 companies are currently using Salesforce document automation tools across industries. And this figure is continuing to rise at a fast pace in recent years. Document automation tools offer several benefits to different industries. Today, we will learn how Salesforce document generation helps these industries scale and grow by automating the document generation process.

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#1. Retail

Many retail stores, either big or small, online or physical, are already using Salesforce to manage and streamline their operations. And retailers are willing to personalize the shopping experiences of their customers more so in recent years. With Salesforce document generation, retailers can automate workflows to make things a lot easier. 

Salesforce document generation is used at different stages of interaction with prospects and customers for:

  • Personalized communication to prospects
  • Special offers to current customers
  • Compiling and generating customized reports

#2. Insurance

The insurance industry requires a lot of documentation. The greater job responsibility with insurance companies is to provide the clients with the most accurate documents at the right time. And thus, a lot of your team members have to spend most of their time locating and creating documents.

Also, on average, a team spends 14 hours of the week finding information on Salesforce, entering this information into documents, and then eliminating errors to create a perfect document for the client.

Salesforce document generation for Insurance companies helps them with:

  • Capturing insurance claims
  • Generating policies relating to different types of insurance
  • Sending automated responses to clients

#3. Technology

Salesforce’s major part of customers is involved in the technology sector. With Salesforce document automation tools, companies can send personalized messages to their customers effectively. Also, Salesforce document generation eases down the workload of the sales teams in creating the same documents for different clients in order to personalize them.

Salesforce document automation also helps a tech firm in other ways such as:

  • Creating and sharing effective customer responses
  • Generating paperless invoices without an error

#4. Manufacturing

Manufacturing industries, in particular, have high demands for doing things in Salesforce that can reduce workload with the least manual intervention. According to research, big manufacturers receive around 10,000 orders every day- all this needs to be captured, verified, and then worked upon to get them authorized.

With Salesforce document creation, manufacturers can:

  • Easily take orders without limiting themselves to a certain number
  • Compile manufacture process documents
  • Compile and generate reports with ease

#5. Healthcare

Healthcare is a wide industry that requires adhering to strict norms, following guidelines, managing risks while providing patients with the utmost care. Also, with manual document creation, as much as 20 percent of the crucial patient data goes missing – this is a huge concern for health industries.

With Salesforce CRM providing the right data, healthcare organizations can access the right detail of the right client just when they need it. 

With Salesforce document automation for healthcare, you can:

  • Capture and share patients’ medical records and history
  • Prescribe medications automatically
  • Generate research documents

Wrap Up

We have just the right tool for all industries that helps you do the job perfectly while having several other benefits as well. Docs Made Easy for Salesforce document generation helps you create documents in the formats that you want by using any Salesforce data. Also, the tool requires absolutely no coding- making it a perfect tool for non-IT users. Click here to know more about the tool or install it right away.

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