Salesforce Document Generation Made Easy for Healthcare Industry

Salesforce Document Generation Made Easy for Healthcare Industry

Ever since the pandemic started, we notice that doctors are managing appointments online, giving consultations online, and adapting to this new tech life! We also see doctors sending prescriptions and invoices over email. This sudden shift to digital documentation is not only saving our environment but making things manageable.

Gone are the days when you would give every document on the papers, as now is the time to turn digital. You know that this generation is tech-savvy and does not want to take papers around. Hence, you need to find a solution, that is of course, paperless but efficient and quick

Why should you implement digital document generation for Healthcare?

  1. Mobility: Digital documents make it easier for your patients to have their appointment receipts with them on their mobile devices. Thus, they have no excuse to say that they forgot it at home, as everything is in their cloud.

  2. Every detail of each patient stored in the cloud: So, now, when a patient visits again at your clinic, you would not have to ask them about their medical conditions. With just a few clicks, you can open your records and see the prescriptions you gave them earlier.

  3. Error-free: The time has come when you start to audit your invoices, but it is not the best practice if you are still in pen and paper mode. Thus, if it is in digital format, you can properly see and check the progress without any manual errors.

  4. Quick and Efficient: Did you know your staff can save a lot of time that goes into creating documents? With digital documents, they can quickly create documents directly from Salesforce without any errors.

  5. Saves the Environment: We all know that Climate change is one such issue that every species on the planet is facing. Thus, to help the earth heal, we should do our part and start using less paper.

  6. Cost-effective: Digital document generation not only saves the amount of time but saves your money that goes into the stationary. The cost of pens, paper, files, etc., seems less expensive in the short run but digs a hole in your pocket when seen otherwise.

Medical Document Generation for Healthcare organizations

Docs made easy Salesforce Document Generation App offers a comprehensive portfolio of services that will make sure your healthcare business runs smoothly. You will enjoy clear, easy-to-use digital documents that have their unique capabilities of functioning.

Now is the time to say bye-bye to all the bulk of papers, folders, and file cabinets. And welcome your companion, which is a secure cloud-based document generation tool that makes sending documents easier.

Streamline the process of generating documents directly from Salesforce with our templates for:

  • Reports
  • Invoices
  • Emails
  • Presentations
  • Docs

Advanced solution for non-IT people

  1. Personalization: Docs made easy is an intelligent document generation tool for healthcare that allows you to personalize your documents according to your needs. Also, this document generation tool allows you to create documents directly from Salesforce.
  2. Great for your non-IT team: The creators of this app always wanted it to be suitable for non-IT people. Thus, this solution does not require any technical knowledge and is quite easy to use.
  3. Economical: The Docs Made Easy app is currently available for free, so you can always try it out and see if it works for your healthcare business.
  4. Multiple Formats: You can choose from a variety of formats that are available in the app. It allows you to create presentations, reports, quotes, invoices, and more by merging data from any standard or custom object into richly formatted templates.
Hence, if you are looking forward to digitizing your document generation process, you can try out Docs Made Easy by clicking here
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