Give yourself the power of the ultimate Salesforce Documentation Generation tool with Docs Made Easy!

Give yourself the power of the ultimate Salesforce Documentation Generation tool with Docs Made Easy!

According to recent market research, it has been observed that Sales reps are tired of doing the same monotonous tasks on an everyday basis. Also, it is estimated that they spend nearly 135 working hours every year generating documents that could have been generated in seconds.

Hence, we are here to make things a lot easier for your team. We have come up with a Salesforce Document Generation tool that will not just save your time but will give you presentable digital documents.

Businesses run on effective documents, and good documentation makes everything manageable for a business. Hence, Docs Made Easy leverages the power of Salesforce to create beautiful documents for your business. With Docs Made Easy, you can create- presentations, reports, quotes, invoices, contracts, and much more by merging data from any standard or custom object into richly formatted templates.

Why Docs Made Easy for Salesforce Document Generation?

  1. With a smart solution like Docs Made Easy, you can create beautiful and professional-looking documents directly from Salesforce. 
  2. It enables you to generate documents in merely seconds so that you can send effective documents to your customers without spending much time. 
  3. It also enhances your team’s productivity so that they spend less time creating documents and more on focusing on the business goals. 
  4. Docs Made Easy allows you to curate data from any Salesforce record and create accurate documents with ease. 
  5. Hence, to boost your business’ productivity, you need to use Docs Made Easy and send digital documents quickly and efficiently.

How is Docs Made Easy different from other document generation tools?

  1. Firstly, Docs made easy is specifically designed while keeping the non-IT users in mind. Hence, if your team has a lot of creative people but no tech-savvies, then no need to worry.
  2. This app is just the right app for you & your team. As you might know, other apps have strongly mapped fields that make them difficult to use.
  3. This app has ease of setup as it requires no code. Other AppExchange apps have standard Salesforce installation that makes them difficult to set up.
  4. This app is available for free. Hence, without digging a hole in your pocket, you can use it. Other apps may require you to pay a minimum amount of $10-15 dollars every month.
  5. One of the greatest advantages of this app is that you require absolutely no skillset to create email templates.
  6. You have the merge and preview functionality before creating templates that lack in the competing apps.
These were some of the many qualities of our smart Salesforce documentation tool. You can try out this application and see how it helps your business grow. Also, if you have any further queries about Docs Made Easy, you can contact us here. We will schedule a personalized demo call for you to serve your needs.
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Piyush Singhal

Co-Founder, Director | HIC Global Soutions | Salesforce Consultant | AppExchange Strategist

An outcome-oriented technology leader with a global outlook, Piyush has over 8 years of experience in Project Execution, SDLC Planning, Salesforce, CRM, Salesforce Mobile, and Piyush, a seasoned Salesforce professional started HIC Global Solutions in 2015 after filling senior development positions at front-running company names in the Salesforce development industry. He looks forward to challenging Salesforce development tasks, delivering novel apps for AppExchange listings, and forging global partnerships through working with passionate people.

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