Top 5 Apps Every Sales Team Should Use in 2021

Top 5 Apps Every Sales Team Should Use in 2021

Every Sales team wants certain apps that precisely help them with every aspect of their work. And we know how important it is to stand out at work. Humans can do so much, and technology coming together with them empowers their work. Hence, you can help your Sales teams do much better by helping them with Salesforce AppExhange apps. Salesforce is a great CRM software on its own. But, it also helps its users by providing them with some good licensed tools.

1. Docs Made Easy

An app that helps you take care of your documentation need in Salesforce. Was it too much? Docs Made Easy Salesforce Document Generation App has sorted things out for you! Now, you can create effective digital documents such as Quotes, Proposals, Invoices, Contracts, Receipts, and more in formats that you want. It allows your Sales team to focus on other important goals for your business than just documents. The best part? It is available for free. Also, it has great ratings on Salesforce AppExchange, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

2. SMS Magic

Did you know that about 30-50% of sales go to vendors who respond first? And it is important to make sure you are there when your customers need you. SMS Magic allows your sales teams to reach out to customers through text, Whatsapp, and Facebook messenger in Salesforce. Also, you can use SMS Magic to create targeted email marketing campaigns and inbound conversations.

Salesforce document generation tool

3. Hoopla

You know how competitive your sales team has to be to get that perfect deal for your business. Hoopla is a sales gamification that allows your team to be competitive and turn it into positive ROI. Also, Hoopla lets you create a business of energy and performance. Sales leaderboards win announcements through Slack or Teams, and even races/contests.

4. ZoomInfo Powered by DiscoverOrg

Your sales team wants to be on the top to accelerate the sales growth for your business. However, it get’s difficult to find the right people who would like to buy from you. ZoomInfo, powered by DiscoverOrg, is a sales intelligence platform that allows you to connect with the decision-makers easily. 

Also, ZoomInfo helps your teams to identify the buyers in the target market and reach out to them faster.

5. GeoPoint Mapping

How important is it to know the location of your prospects? Very important, right! GeoPoint Mapping allows your sales team to know where the customers are. It has the perfect blend of location intelligence. Also, it helps salespeople to manage territories and analyze performance based on locations. Furthermore, the app helps you create geo-targeted campaigns and events.

Summing It Up

We hope that you liked our blog on the top 5 apps for your Sales team. Also, do let us know how did you find it and share your thoughts on our social media handles. Also, if you are willing to try out the Docs Made Easy app from Salesforce AppExhange, click here. Post which, you can schedule a demo call with Salesforce experts to know more about it.

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