Top 7 Salesforce Document Generation Tools to Save Time in 2022

Top 7 Salesforce Document Generation Tools to Save Time in 2022

Businesses are continuing to evolve, and so is technology. Document automation is not new either. It has been around for a long time since companies want to save the time that usually goes into document creation and management. And further, utilize that time into growing their business and boosting the sales. The ability that a Salesforce document generation tool gives you not just saves time but also helps you with great documents that build rapport.

Today, we are here with the top 7 best Salesforce document generation tools that can save your time significantly in 2022. Each of them is available on Salesforce AppExchange, the business app marketplace. Let’s begin with the number one tool! 

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#1. Docs Made Easy

Docs Made Easy practically solves all your Salesforce document generation challenges. With this awesome tool, you can generate any kind of document in any possible format. Also, the prebuilt document and email templates are such a lifesaver! You can literally use this tool on the go and also get notified whenever the recipient opens your mails. Furthermore, the key benefit of using this tool is that you wouldn’t have to worry about your confidential data. Docs Made Easy doesn’t store or record any information on its server.

Docs Made Easy allows you to merge data from any standard or custom object into richly-formatted templates to create presentations, reports, quotes, invoices, contracts, and more. Also, it’s good for your non-IT teams as it doesn’t need coding.

Pros: Free app. Doesn’t cost you anything. Also, it can be used for unlimited records.

Install from AppExchange.

#2. Conga Composer

Conga Composer for document generation allows you to create accurate and pixel-perfect documents quickly and easily. Also, like Docs Made Easy, Conga too allows you to use its prebuilt templates that can be customized to create beautiful digital documents. With Conga Composer, you wouldn’t have to worry about the attachment sizes. Further, you can use Conga Composer with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Communities, and Lightning.

Pricing: Starts at $20 USD/user/month.

#3. Docomotion

Docomotion, a Salesforce document generation tool, allows you to create any kind of document in the format that you want. Also, Docomotion supports full integration with Salesforce Process Builder and Visual Flow. With this, you can reduce the IT and administrative costs as it needs no coding. Docomotion enables you to easily create and edit document templates via MS-Word template editor.

Pricing: Starts at $10 USD/user/month

#4. Formstack Documents

Formstack eases down your task of creating digital documents. With Formstack, you can easily merge Salesforce data into a PDF, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document. Also, with multiple delivery options, you can seamlessly integrate document generation into workflows and deliver information to your clients faster than before.

Pricing: Starts at $92 USD/company/month.

#5. Nintex Drawloop DocGen

Now, Salesforce admins with no coding experience can build an automated solution for existing document creation tasks. With just a few clicks you can generate professional-looking documents from Salesforce records, forms, or other systems. Also, with these customizable documents, your employees and teams can accelerate operations drastically.

Pricing: Starts at $20 USD/user/month.

#6. DocuSign Gen

DocuSign is a purpose-built Salesforce document generation software for small businesses. With DocuSign, you can accelerate sales cycles by automating the process of document creation. Easily customize sales documents from Salesforce. Also, significantly reduce data entry errors, generate documents such as quotes and invoices, and more with this mobile-friendly solution.

Pricing: Starts at $20 USD/month.

#7. S-Docs

S-Docs for Salesforce document generation is a 100% native document generation and e-signature solution. Your data is safe with S-Docs as it never leaves the Salesforce Cloud. You can use any standard or custom data for document creation with just clicks. Also, this tool has a seamless UI with Salesforce, which makes it even easier to use. You can easily create Emails, reports, Claim Forms, Welcome Letters, Form Letters, and more with S-Docs.

Pricing: You can create documents for up to 2 templates for free.


We hope that now you have found the right app for your needs. Do follow us on our social media handles and our blog to stay updated on more such interesting articles. Also, if you’re considering trying out Docs Made Easy for your business, then try it out by installing from AppExchange. Till then, happy reading!

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