What is Document Automation, and Why is it going to stay in 2022 & beyond?

What is Document Automation, and Why is it going to stay in 2022 & beyond?

Did you know document issues account for more than 21% of daily productivity loss? (Source: A 2018 report by Tech Crunchies)

Document automation is a process that makes the creation, processing, and management of documents easier for humans through dedicated software. And this automation is defined based on document templates and workflows that make the creation of documents easier.

Many business leaders within an organization believe that they are doing mundane tasks that are not core to their roles and could be automated.

They also believe that this takes up to 45 minutes to over three-four hours every day, which could have been spent on more important things. 

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Save Significant Time With Document Automation

Document automation tools like Docs Made Easy can help your business save a lot of time that would go on repetitive tasks. You can automate manual tasks such as:

  • Data entry
  • Finding and locating documents
  • Sharing documents with the team
  • Sharing the documents as part of the sales cycle 
  • Proofreading and re-reading documents

What All You Can Do With Document Automation?

#1. Generation of Highly Precise Documents

With Docs Made Easy for Salesforce document generation, you get a variety of document templates that you can use. Also, you can customize documents as per your needs and create professional-looking digital documents at all times. Docs Made Easy allows you to create consistent documents and save a lot of time.

#2. Consistent Branding

When you use a document generation tool, you ensure that your business documents have all-around consistency. You get consistent-looking documents with the same colors, logos, and structure that speak about your business. And also, when you are in business, you can’t afford your documents to look pale. 

#3. Secure Document Storage

With a document generation tool in place, you can automatically store documents in the repository of your choice once you’re done creating them. Thus, you wouldn’t have to download them whenever sharing with different systems. This is perfect for you and will build an atmosphere of trust when the documents are safe.

Wrap Up

This was all about document automation. We hope that you liked our blog and it was helpful for you. If you’re willing to try out Docs Made Easy for Salesforce document generation, then click here. We’ll be back with another blog soon. Till then, happy reading! 

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