3 things to consider when investing in a document automation solution in 2023

3 things to consider when investing in a document automation solution in 2023

With document automation being seen as the next big thing in document management in 2023 and beyond, businesses of every size look up to implementing automation to stay agile and adaptable to market disruptions.

Since using modern technology to upscale your business processes, comes with a particular set of challenges,  small-sized and nontech companies often get confused as to what criteria to weigh upon before investing in a document automation solution.

In this blog, we will discuss the three key factors you must consider before zeroing in on a document automation tool.

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The 3 key criteria to keep in mind are

1. Complexity of the tool

Ease of use is crucial to achieving automation success. When automating your entire document management process, you must ascertain that the solution you choose has simple inbuilt functionalities even for complex configurations. 

The functionality of no-code document generation is also an excellent pointer to bear in mind, especially for nontech and small companies that cannot afford to hire developers to run and maintain the solution.

2. Pricing

Though the use of automation can significantly bring down operational costs, implementing automation itself can be a bit hefty.

So, the best step is to choose a document automation tool that is both cost-effective and value driven. While both paid and free automation tools are available, you should choose the one that offers functionalities that meets your business needs without denting a hole in your budget.

3. Data Security

With phishing and cyber-thieving becoming real threats, it is imperative to ensure your confidential and mission-critical data is safe and secure. Document automation tools running on a cloud-based platform like Salesforce adheres to Salesforce’s privacy policy and provides a safe processing platform to automate your data without any loose ends.

Wrap Up

Be sure to weigh in on the pros of using Salesforce document generation tools like Docs Made Easy to automate your document management, if not already. Check out the app in Salesforce AppExchange and click here to book yourself a complimentary demo session with the experts!

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