6 ways Docs Made Easy boosts HR department’s efficiency

6 ways Docs Made Easy boosts HR department’s efficiency

The HR department’s rendezvous with documents happens every day. 

They need to search through tons of files and create documents, especially during the onboarding process to gather, fill out, sign, and send a huge pile of documents single-handedly.

It has been estimated that an HR professional generates an average of 20 documents per year. On top of that, every new hire adds 10 more documents to the figure.

Clearly, the HR department struggles a lot to manage such a large volume of manual document creation, maintenance, and filing.

Hence, it’s high time businesses start deploying automated document generation like Docs Made Easy to make document creation and sharing a lot easier.

Let’s learn more about the ways Docs Made Easy can help boost HR efficiency and productivity!

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Challenges faced by the HR team

Apart from hectic paperwork, here are some of the other challenges that HR departments face with document management.

  • Having trouble collaborating on multiple documents simultaneously and effectively
  • Complex regulations and the increasing number of required documents 
  • Concerns about the security and confidentiality of sensitive information

Let’s find out how can we mitigate these challenges with Docs Made Easy.

Top 6 ways docs made Easy increases HR Productivity

According to Gartner, in the next 5 years, the usage of document generation tools will be a standard practice in HR departments. Companies that have already deployed it has a competitive edge over others.

Docs Made Easy, a popular tool for effective document generation helps boost HR’s efficiency in the following ways-

  1. Generate Data quickly by directly pulling from Salesforce CRM or any other external source in real-time.
  2. Maintain security compliance as the data is secure and is pulled from a central repository preventing the loss of documents.
  3. Documents can be accessed and sent from anywhere, empowering remote working for HRs
  4. Replacing manual paperwork and contributing towards sustainability with automated document generation
  5. Accurate data and swift document creation save time, allowing HR professionals to focus on employee engagement
  6. Leverage automation to send out emails and reports.

Wrap up

If you are willing to learn more about the benefits of Docs Made Easy, click here book a demo. Alternatively, you may visit the Salesforce AppExchange to check out the app today!

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