Process Digitization: Top 3 Processes to Get Started in 2023

Process Digitization: Top 3 Processes to Get Started in 2023

Process Digitization is a must for businesses in coming years not only to increase efficiency but also to combat economic downturns and resources crisis.

But it is surprising to see even in today’s digital age around half of the companies’ staff spend around two hours daily on mundane activities, such as paperwork, data entry, preserving old systems, and managing disconnected data.

These squandered hours bring about negative repercussions like draining company funds (about $13,345 per employee each year), decreasing worker satisfaction and possibly causing staff to leave. 

Having said that, there are many successful businesses that use digital processes to boost effectiveness, strengthen personnel and provide improved customer experiences.

So, if you haven’t digitized your processes, it’s high time to do so!  

In this blog today, we have shared three processes with which you can jumpstart Process Digitization in 2023!

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Process Digitization Benefits

2023 is the time to take the leap and join the digital revolution with process digitization! Forget about the tedious, time-consuming, manual work. Once you ditch those cumbersome systems, you will have more opportunities to pursue higher-impact projects and initiatives.

With process digitization, you can help your organization stay competitive and keep up with the times with possibilities such as

  • improved productivity,
  • the ability to quickly adapt to customer needs and expectations, 
  • faster workflows, 
  • greater employee satisfaction and retention, &
  • fewer customer complaints and issues.

Processes to kickstart Process Digitization

1. Payments

Automating your payment processes can simplify the collection and processing of payments, reduce manual steps, and cut down processing times.

This will improve customer satisfaction and create a more efficient workflow, enabling your organization to scale faster. Accounts receivable don’t have to worry about chasing up customers, sales reps don’t have to worry about remembering to send invoices and customers don’t have to worry about service continuity.

2. Application Workflows

Application workflows can become overwhelming, regardless of the industry. To streamline the process, consider digitalizing the application process.

This could include, creating digital applications on your website, setting up automatic emails based on data submitted, and sending data from applications directly into your CRM. Additionally, you can set up approvals to send the necessary information to departments automatically and generate documentation based on applicant data.

3. Quotes, Invoices, and Contracts

To save your sales reps valuable time from manual tasks, it is imperative to digitize your quote, invoice, and contract generation with automated tools. 

Apart from their freeing up their time for selling, you can send professional, accurate documents to your clients just when they need them.

Automated document generation tools pull data from your CRM and create and send documents in real-time, helping you deliver awesome customer experiences.

Wrap Up

Now is the time to adopt process digitization in your business and witness improved productivity, efficiency, and happy customers. Visit Salesforce AppExchange and install Docs Made Easy today to get started with document generation today!

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