Top 3 ways Automation helps Sales reps eliminate mundane tasks and sell more

Top 3 ways Automation helps Sales reps eliminate mundane tasks and sell more

Did you know that sales reps spend only one-third of their time on selling? 

The Salesforce State of Sales report claims that sales reps are not selling almost two-thirds of their time. 

Only one-third of their time is spent on revenue-generating tasks. The rest of the time, they get bogged down by time-sucking tasks like logging customer information and document generation like quotes and contracts.

But that’s not how it should be! 

Sales reps should spend more time doing what they do best – Selling!  

And the Sales Operation leaders can make it possible by automating the time-consuming processes.

Hence in this blog, we will share how automation helps sales reps eliminate mundane tasks and let them concentrate on selling more.

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1. By eliminating extraneous data entry

 Data shows that the sales reps waste a lot of time doing data entry like logging customer information after each call.  

Luckily, automation can significantly reduce the volume of data entry reps need to do without compromising on valuable customer insights.

In fact, the Sales team can cut down on administrative clutter by identifying the tasks that consume most of their time and then automating them with the right automation tools.

In short, by automating data entry and lead management, automation help sales reps spend 15% to 20% more time selling, which results in more closing of deals.

2. By prioritizing leads with intelligence tools

It has been observed that sales reps who have intelligent insights, like up-to-date information on leads, close deals faster.

Using the right intelligence tools that have automation already in there, reps can save time they would otherwise waste on chasing leads that are unqualified or not relevant.

Hence, by leveraging the most impactful, relevant, and current lead information from these automation tools, the sales team can accelerate their sales cycle faster.

3. By automating proposal and quote generation

As mentioned at the beginning, the majority of the sales reps’ time is eaten by the manual generation of quotes and proposals.

Especially those reps who have huge clientele find customizing each quote manually from scratch hampering their efficiency.

Here, The Sales Ops can help by setting up document generation tools that allow sales teams to generate the right quote for each customer pulling the right kind of data from Salesforce.

By automating their document generation process, the Sales team can save precious hours of the day and focus on quickly closing deals.

Wrap Up

If you are looking for an effortless document generation app, you must try out the Docs Made Easy app. With this app, you can create any type of document in the format you want! 

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