Top 5 ways to speed up your Quoting process and close deals faster in 2022

Top 5 ways to speed up your Quoting process and close deals faster in 2022

Quoting process is an integral part of the sales funnel and is crucial to winning a Sales project.

However, the quoting procedure is very stressful and time-consuming. And, with most organizations using outdated methods to create quotes, the chances of manual errors and discrepancies magnify.

Needless to say, such discrepancies or errors in the quote potentially harm the deal. 

Therefore, if you are generating quotes manually, it’s time to upgrade to automated document generation software and speed up your quoting process to close deals faster in 2022.

Here are some ways to do so!

Salesforce document generation tool

1. Get data from a centralized platform

Even in 2022, many businesses rely on spreadsheets and documents to manage their price lists, contracts, and other valuable information. As a result, there is always a likelihood of getting incorrect quotes from inaccurate data with the change of version.

To address the issue, it would be wise to use a cloud-based solution like Salesforce to centralize this data and enable team members to access current and updated information only.

2. Create immaculate designs with precision

Sending out a clear, concise, and precise quote goes a long way to impress your client. While Lengthy information and spelling mistakes slim the chances of cracking the deal, revealing too much or providing inadequate information may also piss off the customer.

Therefore, using standard templates or custom-creating them can counter those issues and ensure a grammatically correct and visually impressive quote that stands out.

3. Ditch the manual quoting process to deliver when customer demands

In the fast-paced business world, the key to winning customers is to provide prompt services. Likewise, in sales also, whenever a client asks for a quote, you should be capable of delivering it instantly.

So, to meet your client’s expectations, you must get rid of manual quoting processes and leverage tools to create quotes and send them out to clients in real time.

4. Leverage automation to Streamline quoting process

With many businesses turning to automation to automate their complex processes, automation has become the next way of simplifying work.

The IT professional can create workflows to deploy automation enabling you to deliver consistent sales document that highlights every customer’s needs and quote correctly, and also significantly shortening the delivery time frame.

5. Save time, effort, and cost with document generation tools

While automation is the best thing out there, it still can be expensive. On the other hand, using document generation tools like Docs Made Easy is cheaper and much easier. 

This tool creates quotes by pulling data from Salesforce CRM in real time and emails them to clients instantly. In addition to that, you can use standard Salesforce templates or custom-build them as per your needs. 

And you can get all this at no cost, amazing, isn’t it?

Wrap up

Summing up, if you are looking to install an automated document generation tool to ease your quoting process, try Docs Made Easy today! To install the app, visit Salesforce Exchange or, get a consultation from our award-winning support team here!

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